Anna Marks Photography

Now that we've approached a new year, I've found myself looking back on 2017 and reminiscing. Without a doubt the highlight for me and our family was my little sister's wedding which was celebrated in Napa! On so many levels, it was one stunningly beautiful day.

My sister chose to have her wedding celebration at our family home in Napa, California. The setting at my parent's home is honest and refreshingly serene - an old barn, which has been converted into bedrooms, a little farm house and an open veranda made of reclaimed wood from the original house, nestled amidst vineyards and lots of vegetation - one of my favorite backdrops for any occasion.

I was flattered when my sis asked me to orchestrate her flowers for the day. Her vision was simple and elegant. She envisioned canopies of greenery, accented with touches of garden florals, muted in tones with a hint of country elegance. Instead of flowers playing a dominant role in the decor she wanted the drama to be in the abundance of greens and statement arrangements with garden flowers to capture your attention instead of overwhelm. My sis has a sophisticated eye.

As always there's an overwhelming amount of excitement that precedes a family wedding celebration, and it's even more heightened the day before when you head to the SF Flower Market to pick up your product! I was grateful to have an incredible team by my side as we wandered vendor to vendor. I always feel like a little kid again as I'm never immune to the insane beauty and variety of local product! It's easy to get distracted but we stay focused on my sister's vision...

We only walked a few steps and then we stopped - we all beamed when we spotted boxes of fresh, early harvest suckling pears, they were absolutely adorable. We all knew that they'd become the perfect addition to each guests table setting. An hour later we were loaded down, mostly with bunches and bunches of green oak branches and buckets of green olive branches, garden roses, purple artichokes, hellebores, Quicksand roses, sedum, pincushion flowers and buckets of limelight hydrangeas, geranium and other garden goodies harvested from my garden the night before...Cars jammed pack and we were ready to go.

And so it begins...hours and hours of flowering, joking around, music blaring, flower gazing, multi tasking, solving problems and getting it done. The reward is watching the many moving parts all come together. I always love the last hour when everyone is hustling to move flowers into location and adding the finishing touches. And more than everything, watching my sis beam over her vision come to life with the help of many talented ladies....that feeling is priceless.