meredith farrar

Meredith's passion for flowers and design began at a very young age. Born in southern California, her parents recognized her passion for nature and assisted in fostering her love through exploring the country and abroad.  


Meredith always appreciated the outdoors and nature, and could often be found amidst the wildflowers, identifying, collecting, and arranging flowers for the family to enjoy. 

A favorite pastime was accompanying her mom to the flower market.  Choosing blooms & arranging for family parties was a passion that came naturally.  Meredith understood that flowers were something to cherish, and she believed in the power they held - the power to transform a room, and more importantly, the power to add delight to her life and other's lives.  

Meredith left southern California to study design and product development in New York City.  The innovation of the city and people, all saturated on a little island, absolutely invigorated her.


After years calling the big apple her home, she felt drawn back to California but continues to hold a chunk of NYC in her heart.  Now married to an Australian, with two young boys, Meredith resides outside of San Francisco, in Hillsborough, CA. When Meredith isn't working in her garden, cooking or planning her family's next venture,  she can be found exploring the local attractions of San Francisco with her boys and visiting her family in the Napa Valley.